My New Financial Secret Weapon: Yesterday’s Tomorrow

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Growing up – I did not really learn the value of a dollar. I do not think it was a lack of my parents trying to teach me, I think it was more a lack of listening and paying attention to what it all really meant for me as I became an adult. I was required to do chores, I was paid an allowance, and I even had a job at 15 years old making pretty good money. But for me, I was living in the moment. Savings just was not something that I thought about.

I am not yet old, but not really young anymore either. Middle of the road? When I was 18 I could not wait to get out on my own. I loved working – I always have. So making a paycheck wasn’t an issue for me. I knew I could make the money I needed to live. But I soon understood that simply paying the bills wasn’t all you needed to do in life.

It didn’t take long for me to realize I needed to make a better plan for my finances. I wanted to save more, but my habits and daily routine needed updating. I saw many friends who had to move back in with their parents, or get multiple roommates, or came close to being altogether homeless when unexpected bills maxed them out, and I definitely don’t want to end up in that position. And I’m not alone. Research shows that one in three millennials (34%) ranked saving as their number one goal for the year.

I was excited to find It has great resources to help me, my family, and my friends save more and spend wisely, including a new game called Yesterday’s Tomorrow. The game is like a “choose-your-own-adventure” in the form of a digital photo album! You get to develop a relationship with a future version of yourself, jumping through key life stages and instantly seeing the outcomes of those choices from teenage years through retirement. As you think through some life decisions like school, job, and awesome vacations, you’ll see how your choices may save, or lose money. No one wants to blow their money needlessly, right?

We have been using Feed the Pig games since its launch in 2008. At that time, my kids were just 8 and 9 years old. After struggling with student loan debt and other debt that we have piled up over the years – I really wanted to play this game for myself – and I wish I had done it years ago! The new Yesterday’s Tomorrow game lets you not only have a little fun but also see that financial literacy is important. I love that you can virtually see how adopting healthy financial habits can pay off!

Before I understood my personal finances, I made the mistake of maxing out a credit card as soon as I opened it. A majority of millennials (65%) attributed their lack of saving to impulse buying and not establishing a personal budget (62%), so I’m not the only one who has done this (and immediately regretted it!).

After using Feed the Pig’s resources, I realized that just by switching up how and where I spent my money, I could really begin to save. It felt impossible before, but playing through Yesterday’s Tomorrow helped me to focus more on my future self and realize the different ways to reach those goals for where I want to be financially. The game and helped us a lot.

While we are a lot older now than when we first set out on our journey of adulthood, we still have financial goals that Yesterday’s Tomorrow has helped us see. We want to be debt free and we want to have a comfortable retirement. Those are our two main goals right now.

What are your financial goals? Make sure to play Feed the Pig’s Yesterday’s Tomorrow and figure out how you can make them happen!

For more information and to play the game, visit!

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